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Why is UBC developing an Integrated Rainwater Management Plan?

Effective rainwater management will ensure that our diverse wetland areas are sustained, reduce the need for irrigation and reduce rainwater runoff from buildings and hard surfaces – all critical to supporting a healthy ecosystem. 



Thinking of rainwater as a resource to be managed rather than wasted, our approach will  be to continue our commitment to handle all rainwater on campus, while addressing constraints and opportunities, and incorporating natural elements and valuing rainwater as a resource and amenity. 

Project Scope

The IRMP is intended to: 

  • Follow the direction set out in the Okanagan Campus Plan and Whole Systems Infrastructure Plan to enable sustainable growth
  • Use a whole systems approach that is responsive to current and future conditions by acknowledging the interactions between water, air, ecology, waste and energy systems and future impacts.
  • Plan for major storm events; from day to day needs to major storm events, including consideration for climate change.
  • Take into account variable soil conditions and topography across the campus with a focus on infiltration, and recharging the aquifer to the degree possible
  • Be in line with City of Kelowna bylaws and relevant regulatory approval processes and requirements

porous lanes


  • Address several existing rain-water related issues on campus such as seasonal flooding in Parking Lot H and flooding across Innovation Drive
  • Retain 100% of our rainwater within UBC’s property to achieve our 2050 Whole Systems Goal for rainwater management
  • Be coordinated with future areas of growth and the Okanagan Campus Plan
  • Anticipate the impacts of climate change and incorporate risk mitigation
  • Inform campus development projects currently underway
  • Minimize the overall lifecycle costs of the rainwater system and infrastructure
  • Support campus landscape and ecology to enhance ecosystem services and biodiversity 

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