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WaterFillz Kiosks deliver better water, reduce waste 


WaterFillz kiosks are located in all academic and administration buildings and in many residences on campus. The kiosks provide fresh, free, filtered water to students, faculty and staff who bring their reusable bottles to the stations for fill-up.

Installation of the units was made possible by a partnership between the Okanagan Sustainability Office, Facilities Management and UBC Students' Union Okanagan.

The WaterFillz kiosks help reduce plastic bottle waste generated on campus, with digital counters that track the number of plastic bottles reduced. The units, which purify and cool the water, use only 12 watts of electricity in their ultraviolet purification stage. When the custom-designed refrigeration unit is running to cool the water to 38 degrees F, it only requires 46 watts of power versus vending machines that can draw over 1,500 watts of power. 

Conserving Water

  • Hunter Wireless System: wireless irrigation system that adjusts or ceases watering times based on temperature, precipitation, and wind speed.
  • Astroturf sports field: eliminates water required for irrigation
  • Low flow fixtures in all new buildings: reduces unnecessary water use
  • Xeriscaping: supports a large reduction in water use

Stormwater Management

Campus stormwater is piped into a retention pond located on campus, diverting water from the City of Kelowna's stormwater system. It acts as a filtration system for campus storm water, preventing harmful materials from entering Okanagan Lake. The sustainable management of the campus' stormwater is an ongoing project which seeks to reduce the dependence on the City's water system. Currently 25 per cent of the paving on campus is pervious, with plans to increase this type of paving in future development of the campus. Additionally, the use of bio-swales in new construction landscaping are used to convey surface water in order to enhance infiltration and reduce surface runoff. Bio-swales prevent environmental degradation and damage to property infrastructure from stormwater run-off.

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