Cozy & Closed

Building ventilation, which includes windows left open, is the cause for up to 30% of heat loss in commercial buildings. Support UBC Okanagan’s long-term goals to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions by keeping yourself cozy and your windows closed this winter.

Why Does This Matter? 

Reducing the energy and carbon footprint of the Okanagan campus is a crucial part of UBC Okanagan’s Climate Action Plan 2030. Keeping windows open lets chilly air flow into the buildings meaning our HVAC system must work extra hard to keep the inside temperatures comfortable.

In addition, leaving windows open in common spaces may make the temperature uncomfortable for those around you. Stay respectful, not wasteful and keep the windows closed.

How Can You Get Involved?

  • See an open window in an empty room?    Close it!
  • Heading out after enjoying some fresh air right from your desk?    Close it!
  • Finished fanning out the smoke from your new recipe gone wrong?    Close it!
  • Dress For the Three C’s:   Cozy, Comfy, Casual!

Winters can be harsh in Kelowna! Make sure to bundle up on your way to campus. Layering and fleece or wool sweaters can be a fantastic way to keep comfy as the temperatures drop this winter. Still feeling chilly? Try finding a warm spot in the room or get some extra vitamin D near a south-facing window.

If you need some extra coziness, consider buying a warm beverage from one of UBCO’s coffee shops. Look to see what’s open around campus: Feed Me – UBC Okanagan Food Services

To keep indoor temperatures comfortable for you and those around you, keep windows in offices, study spaces, and residence common rooms closed. Closed windows help support the efficacy of UBC’s heating and cooling systems and reduces energy consumption.

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