2019 Results

Bike | Bus | Carpool | Roll | Walk

UBC Okanagan joined the 2019 Campus Commuter Challenge and successfully reduced its Scope 3 emissions through green commuting!

Participates were encourages to commute to campus using an alternative mode of transportation that did not include single-occupancy vehicles.

Faculty, staff and students chose to:

  • carpool with one or more coworkers or classmates;
  • roll to campus on a bike, blades or chair;
  • take a scenic ride on the bus while reading the news; or
  • start the day with a brisk walk.

The campus’ efforts resulted in the following:

  • 271  Participants Registered; 191   Participants Reported
  • 48,996  Kilometers were travelled using a green mode of transportation
  • 3,769  Litres of Fuel were saved (~$4,896 @ $1.299/L)
  • 7,120  Kilograms of CO2 were avoided, equivalent to 1.5 passenger vehicles driven for one year
  • 243% Increase in commuting by carpool during challenge

 How did UBCO commute to campus from September 23 – October 4, 2019?