Power of You volunteers completed a visual tally of all offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, and laboratories that directly and indirectly participated in the one-hour challenge. The Sustainability Office with the assistance of Facilities Management monitored the energy use of each academic/administration building the day before the event and the day of the event and tabulated the results.  Based on the number of audited spaces, the campus participation rate was 48.9%.

The participation winner was Reichwald Health Sciences Centre with 75.4% of the building turning off their lights.  2nd place:  Creative and Critical Studies with 65.7% of the building turning off their lights.

The conservation winner was Science reporting a 28.4% decrease in energy consumption.  2nd place:  Reichwald Health Sciences Centre reporting a 17.5% decrease in energy consumption.

UBC Okanagan Campus conserved 2,322.63 kWh during the 1hr challenge.  This is enough energy saved to power 2.33  residential refrigerators for 1 year!  If the campus conserved this amount every noon hour for an entire year this would equal $44,083.52/year!

Participation Conserved kWh Reduction %
ADM 55.9% 169.73 kWh -8.7%
ARTS 28.1% 306.43 kWh -16.4%
ASII 48.5% consumed 12.29 kWh more 0.7%
CCS 65.7% 81.79 kWh -8.4%
EME 57.3% 374.44 kWh -6.9%
FIP 37.2% 162.85 kWh -7.7%
LIB 50.0% 114.06 kWh -7.2%
RHS 75.4% 348.66 kWh -17.5%
SCI 44.0% 919.04 kWh -28.4%
UNC 28.6% consumed 142.08 kWh more 5.7%


For more information on the 2017 results, click here.