Campus Commuter Challenge


Bike | Bus | Carpool | Roll | Walk

Did you know the average single commuter emits 3.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2e) per year? This is equivalent to consuming 1,538 litres of gasoline or using enough electricity to power 2.4 homes for a year. Join the 2019 Campus Commuter Challenge to reduce emissions and become a green commuter!

Register to participate in the Campus Commuter Challenge today and log your commuter trips between September 23 to October 4, 2019 to capture your efforts and to be eligible for prizes.

Participating is as simple as using an alternative method to commute to campus versus using a single-occupancy mode.

Choose to:

  • carpool with one or more coworkers or classmates;
  • roll to campus on a bike, blades or chair;
  • take a scenic ride on the bus while reading the news; or
  • get the day started with a brisk walk.

Already a ‘green’ commuter? Register and track your ongoing commitment to supporting a cleaner future and become eligible to win great prizes!

Read about the events schedule, prizes and commuting facts.


How did you commute to campus today?

I Ran I Carpooled  I Biked
I took the Bus I took the Bus & Rode my Bike I Walked


  • To register a team name or ask questions contact the Sustainability Office, CP+D at or at 250.807.9232.

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