Power of You Pledge – Results

Thank you for joining the UBC Okanagan community in pledging to support the achievement of a sustainable campus!


Pledges Received To Date

0 5,000

Count To Date
·    2017 Recycle 101: Recycle Your Empty Coffee Cup 349 pledges
·    2017 Labs: Power Down and Sort It Out 16 pledges
·    2017 Carbon 101: Better In A Sweater 53 pledges
·    2018 Recycle 101: Recycle Your Empty Coffee Cup 111 pledges
·    2018 BiAnnual Waste Audit 57 pledges
·    2019 BC Cool Campus Challenge 464 pledges
Total To Date
1,050 pledges


Pledge Commitments

Student Drive my car less, walk/bus more
Staff Always recycle my empty coffee cup
Staff Turn off the lights when I leave the room
Staff Carpool more often
Student Take the bus more often
Student  Don’t use plastic bags
Student Participate in meatless-Monday
Faculty I will wash my laundry in cold water
Staff I will layer up in cold weather
Faculty Commit to taking shorter showers
Staff Turn down my thermostat a degree and wear a sweater
Student Ride my bike to work