Students in UBC’s Okanagan Nicola Residence participated in the inaugural Do It In Cold Water pilot from September 9 to December 2, 2013. The six-week pilot was established to educate and encourage building residents on behaviour changes that reduce the amount of energy utilized.  By choosing to wash their laundry in cold water, the residents successfully reduced their laundry rooms’ overall hot water usage by 27.3%, effectively saving a total of 1,031.4 liters of hot water consumed by the three machines monitored during the pilot.

With an outstanding reported hot water use reduction of 54%, the 4th Floor residents won the floor-by-floor challenge. The 2nd Floor residents successfully reduced their laundry room’s hot water consumption by 45%.

The Sustainability Office would like to extend our appreciation to the students of Nicola Residence, Student Housing and Hospitality Services, Facilities Management and FortisBC for their support and involvement during the pilot.