The Sustainability Office at UBC’s Okanagan campus in partnership with PostNet, Facilities Management, and the Okanagan Bookstore launched a pilot project Spring 2010 to re-use one-sided printed paper collected on campus and create them into new scratch pads. Based on the success of the pilot, new paper collection stations continue to be set up around campus including a new station in the Library. Since the launch of the pilot we have saved over 13,100 sheets of paper and have handed out 949 pads!

Having a slow day? Flip over a sheet of reused goodness and expand your horizons- maybe you will be lucky enough to attempt a complex engineering equation or brush up on your management skills with class notes and slides. Either way, you can feel good about saving trees and reusing resources by writing on these Okanagan campus home-grown scratch pads!

Rescued Paper Scratch Pads are available to the Okanagan campus community free of charge at the Bookstore.

Get Involved

Paper collection stations are currently set up at three locations on campus- Library and ADM 006- with the following bins labelled to ensure confidentiality assurance:

1. Re-use paper bins – one-sided printed paper that is collected from these bins will be produced into reused paper pads, available to the campus community. Please ensure all materials placed in these bins are not of sensitive matter. Do not place ripped, crumpled or contaminated paper in these bins. Sheets of colored paper is accepted.

2. Confidential material bins – any sensitive material not appropriate for inclusion in the re-used scratch pads should be placed in here. Examples include documents that contain personal material such as date of birth, banking information, social insurance numbers, student information, accounting information, etc. Please note that as an additional level of confidentiality assurance, materials of sensitive nature should be shredded.

Additionally, batches of one-sided paper collected at individual workstations can be sent through inter-office mail addressed to the Sustainability Office located in ADM006.

Contact the UBC Sustainability Office for more information.