Bird Friendly Campus

A pilot program to monitor bird strikes has been initiated. The purpose of the program is to estimate how many birds are injured or killed due to window collisions on campus during migratory periods. This program will provide information to support the implementation of UBC’s Bird Friendly Design Guidelines for Buildings.

Why do birds collide with windows?

  • Window reflections: mirror images of vegetation and open skies
  • Migratory route: risk increases with windows along migratory route
  • Migratory season: risk increases during spring and fall
  • Lights: birds often travel at night and are attracted to building lights
  • Bird attractants: bird feeders or indoor plants near window attract birds

What can building occupants do to reduce window collisions?

  • Be aware of bird attractants:
    • Move plants away from windows
    • Turn lights off or draw blinds after hours
  • Increase the visibility of glass:
    • Close curtains and blinds
  • Report collisions

What do volunteers do?

  • Walk around select campus buildings searching for bird strikes in the early morning during migratory seasons (20 mins/day)
  • Report findings (10 mins/day)
  • Spread awareness of bird strikes within your department and with building occupants who have outside windows
  • To become a VOLUNTEER, apply HERE