The Sustainability Office is responsible for campus sustainability performance measurement, regulatory and non-regulatory reporting, communications and benchmarking.

Regulatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

To address climate change, the Government of British Columbia introduced and enacted a number of significant pieces of climate-action legislation that frame BC’s approach to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to prepare the Province for the emerging low-carbon economy (Climate Action Legislation, n.d.). In November 2007, Bill 44, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act (GGRTA) passed several aggressive legislated GHG emission reduction targets for public sector organizations (PSOs). Since then PSOs have been required to measure, report and offset their GHG emissions annually as well as communicate their reduction activities implemented to meet the Government’s carbon neutral targets.

The Sustainability Office is responsible for compliance with BC’s Provincial legal and regulatory reporting requirements greenhouse gas emissions for the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. We are responsible for the collection and upload of in-scope emissions and the development and maintenance of campus carbon reporting methodology and procedures for quality assurance, quality control, self-certification and verification purposes. We are responsible to produce an annual Climate Change Accountability Report that outlines measures undertaken by the campus, and future planned actions to reduce carbon emissions.

The Clean Government Reporting Tool (CGRT, prev. SMARTTool) is the provincial reporting platform that measures and aggregates energy use and emissions for buildings, fleets, paper and fugitive emissions.

Annual CCAR (Climate Change Accountability Report)

Required by provincial legislation (Bill 44), this report also serves as engagement tool for operational unit level sustainability planning.  Provides detailed greenhouse gas emissions and offset summary; emissions source report; actions taken to reduce emissions related to buildings, fleet, paper, travel; and future planned actions.

View our campus Climate Change Accountability Reports

Clean Government Reporting Tool (CGRT)

GHG INVENTORIES (Present – 2018)

Inventories for our Okanagan campus emissions.  2020 2019 2018

Campus Sustainability Reporting

The Sustainability Office is responsible for UBC Okanagan’s campus sustainability reporting.

Annual UBC Sustainability Report

Required by UBC Board of Governors, UBC Policy #5. Provides summary report and campus metrics for sustainability performance across academic sustainability; operational sustainability (greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, waste); communication and engagement; integration and future priorities. The sustainability office works collaboratively with Vancouver colleagues in the production of this report.

Read 2021-22 UBC Annual Sustainability Report

View UBC’s past annual sustainability reports

View 2010-2012 Board of Governors Report

Annual UBC Place and Promise Report

Required by UBC President’s office. Provides high level sustainability metrics and sustainability narrative. The sustainability office works collaboratively with the Okanagan Planning and Institutional Research portfolio and Vancouver colleagues in the production of the sustainability portion of this report.

View UBC’s Annual report

ISCN (International Sustainable Campus Network)

Required as signatory to the ISCN Charter. Provides excerpt of annual sustainability report to fulfill ISCN reporting requirements. The sustainability office works collaboratively with Vancouver colleagues in the production of this report.

View UBC’s ISCN report


shift Magazine

Provides a broad overview to demonstrate how the campus is achieving UBC’s sustainability commitments.

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