Welcome the the Lab Plastics Recycling Online Tracking Portal.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the tracking form. Between July 2010 and December 2018 the University’s research labs have diverted 32,608L of lab plastics from the landfill!

Forgot your lot number?

  • Lot #1  A. Lane (small)
  • Lot #2  Dr. D. Durrall (small)
  • Lot #3  R. Garner (small)
  • Lot #4  Dr. A. Klegeris (small)
  • Lot #5  E. Strohm,  contact: J. Pilfold (small)
  • Lot #6  Y. Xiao / S. Ebrahimi,  contact: Y.Xiao (large)
  • Lot #7  M. Russello,  contact: M. Waterhouse & B. Sjodin
  • Lot #8  Dr. C. Eskicioglu (small)
  • Lot #9  Dr. J. Little,  contact: S. Simtchouk (small)
  • Lot #10  C. Scholl,  contact: B. Johnston (small)
  • Lot #11  Dr. K. Wolthers,  contact: B. Geoghegan (large)
  • Lot #12  Dr. P. Barker,  contacts: M. Girard & J. Gibon (large)
  • Lot #13  Dr. F. Menard,  contact: W. Slattery (large)
  • Lot #14  Dr. K. Kim,  contacts: K. Sakthivel & M. Gamal (small)
  • Lot #15  Dr. W. Zandberg,  contact: S. Vicaretti (small)
  • Lot #16  Dr. M. Button,  contact: M Button & D. Arkinstall (small)
  • Lot #17  Dr. M. Hart,  contact: B. Loverock (small)
  • Lot #18  Dr. R. Sherwood (small)
  • Lot #19  C. Haston,  contact: I. Johnson (small)
  • Lot #20  Dr. D. Gibson, contact: J. Barnett & Anton (small)
  • Lot #21  R. Godin (small)
  • Lot #22  Dr. M. Hoorfar, contact: N. Tasnim (small)
  • Lot #23  Dr. C. West and Supra R&D, contact D: D. Oorebeek (small)

Contact the Sustainability Office for further information.