One Hour, No Power Challenge

In support of 2014 Earth Hour, and in follow up to the campus’ successful October “Lights out Challenge”, UBC’s Okanagan campus is hosting a campus “One Hour, No Power” challenge to support our Power of You “power down” theme.

Conserve energy by turning off lights in unoccupied spaces. Even flipping a switch in a space with occupancy sensors can save 30 minutes of energy consumed by unnecessary lighting. No Sign-up or Registration Required: Participation is as easy as turning off the office light when leaving for lunch and by flipping a switch when leaving a classroom, laboratory or residence.

Which building will show the greatest energy reduction during the one-hour challenge? Or have the most occupant participation? Participate on March 27 and tune in to find out! Results will be posted on this Power of You webpage following the initiative.

Date: Thursday, March 27
When: 12:00 – 1:00pm
Where: All Academic Buildings. Turn off lights in unoccupied spaces: offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, washrooms, labs.


Power of You volunteers completed a visual tally of all offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, and laboratories that directly and indirectly participated in the one-hour challenge. The Sustainability Office with the assistance of Facilities Management monitored the energy use of each academic/administration building the Tuesday before the event and the day of the event and tabulated the results. Based on the number of audited spaces, the campus participation rate was 58.4%, an improvement over 2013’s rate of 48.9%.

The participation winner was the Administration Building with 84.4% of the building turning off their lights.  2nd place:  Reichwald Health Sciences Centre with 82.1% of the building turning off their lights.

The conservation winner was Creative and Critical Studies reporting a 4.6% decrease in energy consumption.  2nd place:  Administration and Library both reporting a 0.9% decrease in energy consumption.

UBC’s Okanagan Campus consumed an extra 900.03 kWh during the March 27’s 1hr challenge when compared to the Tuesday prior to the event; however, the campus did reduce its overall 24hr energy consumption by an outstanding 11,981.6 kWh. The energy saved in one 24hr period is enough to power 13.3 Canadian homes for 1 month!  If the campus conserved this amount every Thursday for an entire year this would equal 623,045 kWh/year!

1hr Challenge
conservation (kWh)
Reduction %
24hr conservation (kWh) 24hr Reduction %
ADM 84.4%  18.5 kWh -0.9% 40.7 kWh -0.1%
ARTS 56.9% consumed 263.7 kWh more 15.9% 293.4 kWh -1.0%
ASC 69.0% consumed 87.6 kWh more 5.0% 1,095.8 kWh -2.6%
CCS 61.9% 124.2 kWh -4.6% 6,281.1 kWh -27.7%
EME 60.4% 9.2 kWh -0.4% 5,798.0 kWh -4.6%
FIP 56.8% consumed 509.4 kWh more 21.5% 368.6 kWh -0.8%
LIB 35.2% 16.8 kWh -0.9% 258.8 kWh -0.8%
RHS 82.1% consumed 39.6 kWh more 4.0% consumed 2,583.5 kWh more 6.5%
SCI 46.4% consumed 70.8 kWh more 1.3% consumed 1,617.9 kWh more 3.2%
UNC 52.0% consumed 97.5 kWh more 6.6% 2,046.7 kWh -3.8%