Complementary Climate Action Areas

Advancing climate justice in conjunction with climate action is key to advancing CAP 2030’s success, as well as the importance of leveraging adaptation, resilience, and biodiversity initiatives that contribute to CAP 2030 objectives.

  • Climate Justice: A climate justice lens has informed the development of actions in the UBCO CAP 2030 to ensure equity, inclusion and diversity are upheld and advanced while climate action is accelerated. UBC’s understanding of climate justice will continue to evolve and we will seek to integrate this learning to inform our planned actions.
  • Adaptation, Resiliency and Biodiversity: The first phase of CAP 2030 is focusing on mitigation efforts, however, we also need to increase the ability for our campus to become more resilient and adaptive in the face of climate crisis events. As part of the next phase, we will begin to scope and initiate the development of an Adaptation and Resiliency Strategy.