Implementation Projects

Stakeholder support is fundamental to advancing the UBC Okanagan Climate Action Plan 2030.


Implementation projects completed to date that address Scope 1, 2 and extended emissions targeted by the UBCO CAP 2030 include:

Okanagan Food GHG Baseline Project

This project aimed to develop baseline inventories of both food offerings and food waste on the Okanagan campus and to provide an estimate on the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The intention of this report is to address local operational needs and provide insight as to the significant and cost-effective opportunities available for mitigating food related GHG emissions on the UBC Okanagan campus.
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Intercampus Air Travel SEEDS study

A SEEDS study was conducted to review air travel habits of the Okanagan campus community and provide a set of recommended actions to support the reduction of related emissions.
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Community Engagement Strategies for Climate Change Coming Out of the Pandemic

This report identifies how community engagement strategies formed and lessons learned during the global pandemic can help guide communities to take action against climate change.
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