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REGISTER to participate in the Campus Commuter Challenge today and log your commuter trips between September 23 to October 4, 2019 to capture your efforts and to be eligible for prizes.

Events Schedule:

  • Mon. Sep. 23 @ 7:00am – Kick-Off Celebration Station in the Main Courtyard
    • Join the UBC Okanagan community for a healthy breakfast and information on this year’s event
    • Can you throw a tire further than your coworker? Tire Throw Challenge #1
  • Wed. Sep. 25 @ 12:30-2:00pm – Celebration Snack N’ Learn #1 in the Main Courtyard
    • Bike security demonstration and discussion
    • Register your bike with Project 529
    • Games and Tire Throw Challenge #2
  • Wed. Oct. 2 @ 12:30-2:00pm – Celebration Snack N’ Learn#2 in the Main Courtyard
    • Learn how to change a bike tire and clean your gears
    • Have bike questions, ask the skilled UBCycles mechanic at this event
    • Games and Tire Throw Challenge #3
  • Fri. Oct. 4 @ 12:30-2:00pm – Wrap-Up Celebration Station in the Main Courtyard
    • Join us for the end of challenge celebration
    • Games and Tire Throw Challenge Final


  • AMS Light by Reelight® x 2 – battery-free lights for bikes
  • 1-Month Bus Pass x 10 ($70 value)
  • UBCycles Bike tune-up service ($60 value)
  • UBC Bookstore clothing
  • Bike-friendly water bottles


  • Average carbon emissions generated per BC driver is 3.61 tCO2e annually
  • Every litre of gasoline consumed generates approximately 2.3 kg of CO2[1]
  • The average annual litres purchased per Canadian is 1,569 litres[2]
  • The average Canadian drives about 15,021 km/year, average in BC is 13,100 km/year[3]
  • Commuting is a fact of life for many Canadians. In 2016, 12.6 million Canadians reported that they commuted to work by car. For these commuters, the average duration of the commute was 24 minutes, and the median distance to work among those who had a usual workplace was 8.7 kilometres.[4]


  • To register a team name or ask questions contact the Sustainability Office, CP+D at or at 250.807.9232.

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[4] Statistics Canada: Long commutes to work by car. REPORT