Founded in 2012, the executive-endorsed voluntary energy reduction awareness and engagement program broadened its programming in 2017 to support the implementation of the Whole Systems Infrastructure Plan.

The Power of You (PoU) is a voluntary engagement, awareness, and behavior change strategy launched by the Sustainability Office in 2013. The PoU serves as a key initiative to advance the culture of sustainability at UBC Okanagan by engaging campus constituents in actions they can take to help advance UBC’s sustainability goals. 


The conservation strategy will build on each previous year’s program successes on a broader range of performance areas – energy, carbon, water, waste, ecology and biodiversity – targeting the larger campus community as a whole, including all faculty, staff and students working, learning and residing in all buildings across campus. 

Since the Power of You program was expanded in 2017 to reflect the Whole Systems Plan recommendations, a Climate Action Plan 2030 was developed in 2019. This plan outlines impactful actions to help reduce GHG emissions in areas such as commuting, air travel and food. 

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2013 Power of You campaign video recap. The campaign was intended to create awareness about how individuals can help reduce energy use on campus in everyday activities.  


Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Power of You volunteer in your building to further make a difference to climate action and sustainability engagement.
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