Sort It Out: Resources

Whether you are looking for general information or something more specific, you will find a listing of resources below to assist you.

This page provides links to an assortment of Power of You – Sort It Out materials, including signage, posters and information sheets, as well as online resources to learn more about waste sorting in general and recycling lifecycles. This material can be printed and posted in your department staff room and residence kitchen to aid users in sorting their waste and to promote and education the campus community on ways to create a green, waste-free campus.

General Information

A-Z Recyclepedia: A comprehensive A-Z list of materials that can be recycled, returned and composted on campus, and how to recycle them.

Video and Clips

Watch a short video on How to Sort Your Waste at UBC Okanagan*Developed by 2018/19 GEOG491D students.

Printable Posters and Signs

Recycle Your Empty Coffee Cup (.pdf) – POSTER

Lab Plastics Recycling Program (.pdf) – POSTER

Plastics by Number (.pdf) – SIGN

From Lab Bench to Park Bench Program (.pdf) – POSTER

Sorting Guide (.pdf) – SIGN

Off-campus resources

Encorp: Return-It Depots provides information on where you can return your refundables and recycle your residential glass, styrofoam, electronics and plastic bags in one location.

Multi Materials BC (MMBC) is a non-profit organization formed to develop and implement a stewardship plan for residential packaging and printed paper.

  • Recycling In BC, the residence resource page from MMBC, provides an assortment of recycling, campaign and educational resources.

Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO): Waste & Recycling website containing residential specific information on what to recycle, your garbage schedule and upcoming reuse events.

Glenmore landfill website provides information on their location, Ogogrow & Glengrow sales, Christmas tree chipping schedule, Repair Cafe, Landfill Gas Management Program, and much more.

Digging Deeper

Questions or Feedback

If you still have question after you have read visited the FAQ webpage, please contact us for further support.

  • Immediate problems with recycling stations, such as overflows, please submit a work request to Facilities Management.
  • General questions, feedback or support on waste sorting issues, please contact us.