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SUSTAINABILITY is a movement - a shift - toward a resilient future.

Sustainability initiatives at UBC's Okanagan campus

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Carbon Neutral Action Report (CNAR)2014 CNAR Cover

British Columbia's government has set into motion a comprehensive Climate Action Plan centering on the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act (Bill 44). According to the Act, commencing 2009, public sector organizations (PSOs) must submit a Carbon Neutral Action Report (CNAR) for the calendar year which includes a description of the actions taken to minimize its GHG emissions during the previous year and to set out plans to continue minimizing those emissions. The UBC Okanagan campus' 2014 report has recently been released by the Okanagan Sustainability Office.

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Board of Governors Report

Sustainability at UBC's Okanagan campus is multi-faceted and rapidly evolving.  This report captures the inter-faculty, interdisciplinary research activities of the Okanagan Sustainability Institute, Campus as a Living Lab pilot projects where academic and operational interests are in synergy, and operational sustainability activities reported under the mandate of the Okanagan Sustainability Office.

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SMARTTool is a software tool developed by the Government of British Columbia to measure, aggregate and report on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from public sector organizations (PSOs) in accordance with Bill 44 - The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act. The information reported by this software is used to complete the Carbon Neutral Action Report (CNAR) submitted to the Ministry of Environment, Climate Action Secretariat annually.

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