Founded in 2012, the executive-endorsed voluntary energy reduction awareness and engagement program broadened its programming in 2017 to support the implementation of the Whole Systems Infrastructure Plan.

Developed by the Sustainability Office, the creation of the new 3-year program was initiated as a key implementation strategy of the 2016 UBC Okanagan Whole Systems Infrastructure Plan to achieve its outcomes and 2050 Goals.

Building on the success of the inaugural run of the Power of You, a new, more robust program has been developed in response to the Whole Systems Plan’s recommendation identifying that “engagement and action on the part of many UBC stakeholders across both campuses at the technical, organizational and behavioural levels [is required] to ensure the Plan’s outcomes are achieved.” The conservation strategy will build on each previous year’s program successes on a broader range of performance areas – energy, carbon, water, waste, ecology and biodiversity – targeting the larger campus community as a whole, including all faculty, staff and students working, learning and residing in all buildings across campus.


To engage the campus community in a comprehensive plan aimed at encouraging energy conservation in support of the campus’ commitment to sustainability and the achievement of the 2050 Whole Systems Goals.

Your actions, such as “Powering Down” a computer monitor or turning off the lights, have a collective impact and do make a difference. “Implementing technological changes alone have been shown to reduce energy consumption by 3%. Engaging people achieves savings of 16% but when technological change and people are targeted simultaneously, savings of up to 23% are reported.” Source: NRCAN


UBC Okanagan 3-Year Conservation Awareness and Action Strategy, Executive Summary


Bundle Up to Save Energy

Power Down to Save Energy

Seasonal Shutdown

Shut the Sash

Turn Off the Lights to Save Energy

Unplug and You’ll Save Energy


Recycle Your Coffee Cup and You’ll Reduce Waste

Use 1 or 2 and You’ll Reduce Waste

Watch a short video on What Goes Where HERE*Developed by 2018/19 GEOG491D students.


Green Cycle your Laundry and You’ll Save Energy

Wishy, Washy – Save energy when using the dishwasher


*Coming Soon*

Community Engagement to Date

Learn about the many ways the Sustainability Office engages our campus community in initiatives to support energy awareness and conservation.

February: Shut the Sash Challenge – close lab fume hoods to reduce energy consumption. More information
October: Shut the Sash Challenge – close lab fume hoods to reduce energy consumption. More information
September 23-October 4: Campus Commuter Challenge – reduce emissions by commuting to campus the ‘green’ way. More information
February: BC Cool Campus Challenge. UBC Okanagan collected a total of 2,098 Pledges with commitments from community members to lower their energy consumption during the winter season. What they did?
February 7: Labs: Sort It Out & Power Down. How?
January 31: 3rd Annual Recycling 101: Recycle Your Coffee Cup
December: Seasonal Shutdown. What was done?
November-December: Choose a ‘Green’ Cycle and Save Energy
March 22: 3rd Annual Recycling 101: Recycle Your Empty Coffee Cup
February 28: 4th Annual Labs: Sort It Out & Power Down.
March 23: 3rd Annual Campus Lights Out Challenge. How did the campus compare?
March 1: Carbon 101: Better In A Sweater
February 21: 3rd Annual Labs: Sort It Out & Power Down.
February 1 & 2: 2nd Annual Recycling 101: Recycle Your Empty Coffee Cup
November: Use 1 or 2 to reduce paper towel waste. How?
September: Single Use Coffee Cups ARE Recyclable. How?
2012-2014: Power of You, Phase One – Project Objectives & Outcomes
March 24 – April 17: Campus Energy Use Survey, Tell Us What You Are Doing? – Completed, view the survey information page here
March 27: Celebrate Earth Hour and help conserve campus energy. How?
February 27: Ugly Sweater Day – Heat Your Body, Not Your Space. See photos
October 20 – December 3: Students save 1,031.4 liters of hot water. What did they do?
November 14: Bundle Up and learn energy saving tips. Find out more.
October 16: UBC Okanagan Campus conserved 2,322.63 kWh in 1 hour. How?
October 1: Power of You Kick Off Event – A Success!
May – September: Join the Energy Conversation. Become a volunteer. Details here.
April: Baseline Energy Behaviour Survey. Completed, find the information page here.
December 5: UBC Okanagan’s Energy Dashboard Launch. What is the dashboard?

Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Power of You volunteer or create a Green Team in your building to further make a difference to campus energy reduction and sustainability.

Contact Us for more information.